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4 Budgeting Apps to Look Out for This Spring

4 budgeting apps

As the weather improves, you may find yourself attending more social events, planning a summer vacation, replanting your lawn, and ultimately spending more money than anticipated. Establishing a budget (and sticking to it) is key to ensuring that our finances are in check and staying on track to meet our goals. 

However, manually tracking a budget can be a tedious and time-consuming process, considering the need to factor in and review income, investments, and payment deadlines let alone remind yourself to set aside time to assess your progress! Luckily, there are plenty of apps available that can help you track, manage, or modify your budget with ease. So keep reading to learn some of the top budgeting apps to help you stay on top of your finances this spring.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB remains at the top of our list for a reason. Unlike other budgeting apps on the market that track and assess past transactions, You Need A Budget (YNAB) is designed to help users plan. YNAB uses the zero-based budgeting system, assigning every dollar you earn to anticipated expenses and savings goals. Though the app has some automated features, like the option to link your banking accounts, credit cards, and loans, the hands-on nature of YNAB requires the user to actively decide where they assign their funds, so you can enjoy the functionality of the app while simultaneously improving your budgeting skills.


Many of us share a budget with a partner, whether it’s saving for a mortgage, a wedding, or collaborating on everyday expenses. Discussing and assessing your partner’s financial contributions can be tricky business, though. Luckily, this app allows you to track your combined budgeting as a couple and alleviate the stress of managing finances as a team. 

Honeydue is divided into three sections that allow couples to oversee their shared finances under a shared tab while also tracking their own personal expenses through a separate one. The app’s handy features like a built-in chat function and shared calendar allow couples to hold one another accountable through transparency, while efficiently tracking without the hassle of calculating combined finances.

Good Budget 

Good Budget is an app that helps users stay financially on track through the envelope system. This system involves assigning common spending categories, such as rent or gas, to an envelope and allotting a certain amount of cash to cover anticipated expenses. Though digital banking is the norm in 2022, Good Budget uses digital envelopes to mimic this tried-and-true saving technique. Through the app’s unique envelope system and reporting tools, users can enjoy the benefit of interactive budget allocation and a clearer picture of how much income they spend within each category. 


For those whose budgeting plans are centered on investments, Stash is an app targeted at new investors looking to grow their portfolios while staying on top of budgets and savings. Stash offers unique features like digital investing tools that automatically transfer monthly income into an established investment account and the option for users to invest in individual stocks starting as low as $5, allowing you to bank, save, and invest in one convenient hub.

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